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MeNami is an udon bar and cocktail joint that embodies all that is new and funky in Willowdale.

Behind its castle-like fortified wooden doors, MeNami pulses with energy. Driftwood light fixtures, cement floors and corrugated steel are the main decor elements. It looks like a shantytown, albeit one filled with Asian booze and a youthful clientele.


This Toronto restaurant puts a creamy twist on their udon noodles. 🍜


Toronto STAR

Longtime friends Chae Kim, Mi Young Park and Yanghui Chae have given new meaning to the term friendly competition.

Sitting at a table at MeNami, a hip udon and sake bar in North York, Kim’s latest venture, the three businesswomen, who are in their late 50s, reminisce about their university days in Seoul. As they speak, they dip in and out of their mother tongue, with Chae providing the English translation when needed...


Toronto LIFE

Similar to its Korean sister-bar, Han Ba Tang, MeNami’s snack menu (chicken karaage, beef tataki, deep-fried okra) caters to the area’s late-night crowd. 

MeNami’s noodles are made using a proprietary blend of flours (soft, medium, gluten) and water. They’re rolled and cut using an udon-making machine imported from Japan...


NOW Magazine

Ever wonder why Toronto has dozens upon dozens of ramen shops - enough to engender fervent local debate about who has the best noodles, the richest broth, the heftiest slabs of chashu pork - but until very recently, not a single restaurant dedicated to udon?

The short answer: "It's a very, very sensitive noodle," says Chae Kim, the owner of MeNami... 

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